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School of Music

General Information:

  • We have provided private music lessons since 1997.
  • Our students range in age from 4½ to senior adults.
  • The school is divided into 3 semesters.  Our spring session will begin on January 7th. We are closed for spring break March 18-22. Click here to see the spring 2019 schedule.
  • Existing students will register two weeks before a semester ends.  Once they have registered then it will be open for new students at the end of the semester.
  • Periodically we are asked if you have to be a member of FBC Ocala to enroll in our school.  No you do not.  We are interested in any child or adult wanting to learn music.


        Spring (January - May)
        Summer (June - July)
        Fall (August - December)


  • Areas of study include cello, flute, guitar, oboe, percussion, piano, piccolo, violin and voice
  • Lessons length 30, 45 & 60 minutes.
        We offer four weeks of trial lessons for students that are 4 1/2 years old.  Should you decide to do the trial lessons, the cost will be $80. After finishing the trial lesson the parent and the teacher will discuss if the student is ready to continue or needs to wait a little longer. If the student is very young, please make sure they have basics down before trying to schedule lessons. Those basics include knowing left hand, right hand, counting, ABC's and can tap out a beat.


  • Our average number of lessons taught in the school year is 300 a week.

About our Instructors:

  • Click here to meet the instructors. (During the summer our instructors teach less or some not at all. Please note the schedule for this information via shading. Gray areas, not teaching those days.
  • All of our instructors are background screened and take a yearly abuse prevention training course.
  • Our classrooms have windows in the doors and our studio rooms are NOT sound proof.

For our Students:

  • Recital pictures from various years
  • We do NOT post students complete names on the internet schedule that is posted due to privacy and we will NOT post individual pictures of our students.

How to reach us:



New Here Giving Messages