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School of Music

General Information:

  • We have provided private music lessons since 1997.
  • Our students range in age from 4½ to senior adults.
  • The school is divided into 3 semesters.  Our spring semester will end May 26. Our summer session will start June 6th.  Click here to see hours teaching for Summer 2016  (Once open, click on the chart to enlarge.  The areas in orange are paid for and areas in yellow are available unless has a name and we are awaiting payment.
  • Existing students will register for the fall session by July 14th.  Once they have registered for fall, then we will open for new students the following week.
  • Periodically we are asked if you have to be a member of FBC Ocala to enroll in our school.  No you do not.  We are interested in any child or adult wanting to learn music.


        Spring (January - May)
        Summer (June - July)
        Fall (August - December)


  • Areas of study include bassoon, bass clarinet, cello, clarinet, flute, guitar, oboe, percussion, piano, piccolo, violin, viola, and voice
  • Lessons length 15, 30, 45 & 60 minutes.
        The 15 minute lesson is designed for our younger students not yet in school.  The only areas we will teach students this young is in violin and piano.  If you wish to do four trial lessons, we will charge four the four weeks and then determine if the student is ready.


  • Our average number of lessons taught in the school year is 250 a week.

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