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Mission Trips

2015 Mission Trip Opportunities

2015 holds a number of opportunities to share the Story of Jesus around the world with our partners. If you are interested in a short-term mission trip, please contact us! 

Trip Destinations:

Wasilla, Alaska - Trip dates: May 7 - 18  Trip Info Sheet | Serving alongside missionaries at LGYRC

Toronto, Canada - Trip Dates: TBD (targeting Summer and Fall) Trip Info Sheet | Serving alongside The Kite Family

Cabana, Peru - Trip Dates: July 2-11 and TBD in October  Trip Info Sheet | Serving our adopted people group

Additionally, several folks in our faith family travel to Nicaragua on a medical mission trip.  If this sounds like an interesting idea, please contact us.

Things to Think About:

  • If God has placed a "place" on your heart and we are not headed there this year, let's chat. You can get additional ideas for travel at namb.net and imb.org.
  • If you have never been on a short-term mission trip before, read this article.  If you still feel that God is leading you to go, let's chat.
  • Administrivia: 
    • Trip Costs include transportation, in-county costs, insurance and airfare estimates. Final trip price is dependent on airfare price at the time of booking and can add or subtract from the cost of the trip.
    • You must have a passport for all of the trips outlined above except Ohio.  If you have issues in getting a passport, please contact the Missions Office. To apply for a passport, go to travel.state.gov/passport and follow the instructions for new applicants or to renew your passport.
    • Please make sure to read the Trip Information Sheet specific to the trip you are interested in. A non-refundable deposit per person is due at the first team meeting. This deposit will enable us to make a commitment to the airlines and secure the best possible fares.

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