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Bible Study

Sundays at 9:45 AM

All classes are in the Education Building, the two story stucco building north of the Sanctuary. Enter any of the glass doors except the preschool canopy entrance, and the hallways will lead you to the CrossRoads Cafe. You will find an Information Desk on the same side as the elevator, staffed by people ready to help you and your family find classes!


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Adult Study for Traditional Classes

Ezekiel and Daniel: Faith Under Fire

Current Unit: Radical Faith (Daniel 1:1 - 12:13)


Jul. 27     Draw the Line Daniel 1:1-21

1. Evaluate What Others Demand (Daniel 1:3-5)
2. Act Boldly on Principle (Daniel 1:8-10)
3. Be Prepared for Tests (Daniel 1:12-15)
4. Trust God for Wisdon (Daniel 1:17-19)

Aug. 3   Risk Everything for God Daniel 2:1-3:30

1. Decide to Serve Only God (Daniel 3:1,8-12)
2. Resist All Pressures to Falter (Daniel 3:15b-18)
3. Trust in God's Presence and Power (Daniel 3:24-25,28)

Aug. 10   Tell It Like It Is Daniel 4:1-5:31

1. Be Certain: Sin Corrupts (Daniel 5:1-4)
2. Be Warned: God Confronts (Daniel 5:5-6)
3. Be Humble: All Need to Know (Daniel 5:16-17)
4. Be Honest: Judgment Comes (Daniel 5:23c-28)

Aug. 17   Never Give Up on Prayer Daniel 6:1-28
    1. When Big Challenges Arise (Daniel 6:3-5)
2. When Faith and Culture Clash (Daniel 6:6-7,10)
3. When Personal Danger Looms (Daniel 6:16-18)
4. When God's Help Is All That Will Do (Daniel 6:19-23)
Aug. 24   Live to Win in the End Daniel 7:1-8:27
    1. Realize Evil Will Persist (Daniel 7:7-8)
2. Remember God Is the Supreme Judge (Daniel 7:9-12)
3. Serve Confidently Under Christ's Lordship (Daniel 7:13-14)
4. Live Securely in the Guarantee of Victory (Daniel 7:15-18)
Aug. 31   Be Ready for Tribulation Daniel 9:1-12:13
    1. Pray for Further Understanding (Daniel 9:20-23)
2. Prepare for Difficult Times (Daniel 9:24-27)
3. Persist in Living for God (Daniel 12:9-13)




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Bible Study for Adults




 Intergenerational Small Groups    
    Group 1 Gary Townsend, leader 212
    Group 3 Jameson Frederick, leader 210
    Group 4 Larry Manning, leader 206
    Group 5 Richard Cox, leader 208
    Group 6 John Robinette, leader 207
Deaf Class Steven Rhodes, teacher C-12
College & Young 20's Bill and Wanda MacKenzie, teachers C-8
Young Singles Dwayne Drake, teacher C-9
Coed 40's Bryce Schmidt, teacher C-2
Coed 50's Steave Adams, teacher C-10
Coed 40's & 50's Monty Grant, teacher 205
Coed 60's Andrew Vanover, interim teacher C-6
Coed 60's & 70's Ron O'Steen, teacher 201/203
Coed 60-Plus Mel Kunz and Dave Johnson, teachers FC101/FC103
Coed 60-Plus Department Bill Phillips, director 202/204
    Ladies 60-Plus Lorey Phillips, teacher 202
    Ladies 60-Plus Pat Waugh, teacher 204
    Men 60-Plus Jeff Priest, teacher C-4
Ladies 70-Plus Della Brock, teacher FC107
Coed 80-Plus Thomas Mayham, teacher Conf Room
Ladies 80-Plus Valerie Rudelis, teacher FC102/FC104
Ungraded Class Shane Finch, teacher FC100



Map of classroom assignments.

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Children's Bible Study

How can I know Christ?

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