Worship: Sundays at 8:30am and 11:00   Map/Directions

Church Family Gathering

We will meet for a Family Gathering on Palm Sunday, April 13th at 5 pm in the Worship Center. This is a gathering for the whole church family to petition God for revival. We’ll pray together, take the Lord’s Supper together, sing together, and share a meal together. Let’s cry out to God for His movement in us and to do a new work among us.

What to Bring: A prepared heart, your family and something to share for a meal.

Your Family: If your family includes children, please know that children of all ages will participate with their families. However, for a portion of the evening, childcare will be available for children birth through Pre-K.  We are in need of volunteers who are already trained and background checked. If you are willing to help, contact Heather Vatcher (heather@fbcocala.org or 629.5683 x122).  RSVP for childcare is preferred. If you already know that your child will be in attendance, contact Susan Peeler (susanp@fbcocala.org or 629.5683).

The Meal: We will share a family meal together as part of the gathering. Please bring something to feed your family and a few others and only bring food that can be refrigerated or sit at room temperature (such as fruit, veggies, sandwiches, chips, etc.) – nothing that requires warming. If your last name begins with:

  • A – M – side dish and dessert
  • N – Z – sandwiches or other main dish item

For personal preparation, please consider the following:

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any unconfessed sin in your life. Confess and repent of anything He reveals to you.
  2. Examine your motives in the things you say and do.  Ask the Lord to search and cleanse your heart.
  3. Seek forgiveness from those whom you have hurt and forgive those who have hurt you.
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to guard your walk with Christ from complacency and mediocrity.
  5. Choose to walk in the Spirit and deny the desires of the flesh.
  6. Surrender everything to Jesus. Determine to be totally dependent upon Him with total submission and humility.
  7. Pursue a holy, godly life of obedience and faith.
  8. Fast for 24 hours starting at 6 pm on Saturday, April 12

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