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Message Series:

Love Loud

The G Series: The Genius of Generosity

On Fire: When God Starts a Church


Our Most Recent Message:

   8/24/14The Way, The Truth, The LifeJn 14:1-6 Audio

Hello, I Am

   7/13/14The Bread of LifeJn 6:24-35 Audio
   7/20/13The Light of the WorldJn 8:12-19 Audio
   7/27/13I AM, by Rev. Bryan BairJn 8:31-33 Audio
   8/3/14The DoorJn 10:7-9 Audio
   8/10/14The Good ShepherdJn 10:11-15 Audio
   8/17/14The Resurrection and the LifeJn 11:17-26 Audio
   8/24/14The Way, The Truth, The LifeJn 14:1-6 Audio
   8/31/14The VineJn 15:1-11 Audio

Messy Church

   2/16/14Sometimes Puffed Up1 Co 4:1-21
   2/23/14Sometimes Arrogant1 Co 4:6-21 Audio
   3/2/14Sometimes Permissive1 Co 5:1-13 Audio
   3/9/14Sometimes Defeated1 Co 6:1-11 Audio
   3/23/14Sometimes Immoral1 Co 6:12-20 Audio
   3/30/14Sometimes Single1 Co 7:7-9, 25-40 Audio
   4/6/14Sometimes Married1 Co 7:10-17 Audio
   4/13/14Sometimes Gray1 Co 8:1-13 Audio
   4/20/14This Changes Everything!1 Co 15:12-19 Audio
   4/27/14Sometimes Uncomfortable1 Co 9:1-27 Audio
   5/4/14Sometimes Distracted1 Co 9:24-27 Audio
   5/11/14Sometimes Tempted1 Co 10:1-14 Audio
   5/18/14Sometimes Disloyal1 Co 10:14-22 Audio
   5/25/14Sometimes Pressured1 Co 10:23-11:1 Audio


   1/5/14Committed.Mk 2:1-12
   1/12/14Committed to CommunityHeb 10:24-25
   1/19/14Committed to GrowJos 1:1-9 Audio
   1/26/14Committed to Dependence2 Chr 20:1-30 Audio
   2/2/14Committed to SacrificeMk 12:41-44 Audio
   2/9/14Committed to Mission1 Th 2:1-8 Audio

A Christmas for the Rest of Us

   12/1/13A Christmas for the DiscouragedLk 2:36 Audio
   12/8/13A Christmas for the StressedMt 1:18-25
   12/15/13A Christmas for the OutcastLk 2:8-20 Audio
   12/22/13A Christmas for the SeekerMt 2:1-12 Audio


   10/6/13Love Your NeighborMk 12:28-34
   10/13/13Start Here1 Ti 2:1-8 Audio
   10/20/13The Least of TheseMt 25:31-46 Audio
   10/27/13My StoryAc 26:4-23 Audio
   11/3/13How Friends ActJa 2:14-16 Audio
   11/10/13Building BridgesCo 4:2-6 Audio
   11/17/13Change the WorldAc 11:19-26 Audio
   11/24/13When All Else Fails....Run!, by Rev. Kevin Kite  Audio

G Series: The Genius of Generosity

   9/8/13It's Genius to Be GenerousMt 6:19-21
   9/15/13A Most Excellent SecretMt 25:14-30 Audio
   9/22/13Why God Prospers Generous People2 Co 9:6-11 Audio
   9/29/13The Generous Life2 Co 8:1-7 Audio

On Fire: When God Starts a Church

   7/7/13WitnessAc 1:1-8
   7/14/13StayAc 1:9-14 Audio
   7/21/13UnanimousAc 1:14-26 Audio
   8/4/13IgniteAc 2:1-12 Audio
   8/11/13GospelAc 2:13-41 Audio
   8/18/13CommunityAc 2:42-47 Audio
   8/25/13Evidences of Fire, by Dr. Will McRaneyAc 3:1-10 Audio

My Family: Built to Last

   5/12/13My Family: On Solid GroundDt 6:1-9
   5/19/13My Family: On PointMt 14:22-31 Audio
   6/2/13My Family: On Purpose2 Ti 1:3-7
   6/9/13My Family: On Mission, by Rev. Bryan Bair  Audio
   6/16/13My Family: On Guard 1 Pe 5:8; Ja 4:7 Audio
   6/23/13My Family: On The TeamTi 2:1-8 Audio


   3/31/13When the Rock Crumbles...Jn 8:15-18; 25-27 Audio
   4/7/13When "I Do" Becomes "I'm Done"Jn 4:4-29 Audio
   4/14/13When the Bottom Falls Out Jb 1:13-22 Audio
   4/21/13When You Are DisqualifiedNu 20:1-13 Audio
   4/28/13When Temptation is Too Great2 Sa 11:1-12:15 Audio
   5/5/13When Your Name Becomes MudGn 39:1-23 Audio

5: 5 Sermons from the 5 Discourses of Matthew's Gospel

   2/24/13one  |  salt and lightMt 5:13-16 Audio
   3/3/13two  |  fear notMt 10:5-33 Audio
   3/10/13three  |  sowMt 13:1-23 Audio
   3/17/13four  |  foundMt 18:1-6, 10-14 Audio
   3/24/13five  |  stay awakeMt 24:36-44 Audio


   1/6/13Sent!Jn 9:1-7 Audio
   1/13/13Together1 Cor 1:1-9 Audio
   1/20/13Agreed1 Cor 1:10-17 Audio
   1/27/13Different Together1 Cor 1:18-31 Audio
   2/03/13Spiritual Together1 Cor 2:1-16 Audio
   2/10/13Growing Together1 Cor 3:1-9 Audio
   2/17/13Building Together1 Cor 3:10-15 Audio


   12/16/12Hope for the HolidaysIs 9:6-7 Audio
   12/23/12The Best Gift EverRv 1:5b-6 Audio
   12/30/12It's A Wonderful Life, by Rev. Pete MenendezEph 2:1-10 Audio

Worship Matters

   9/9/12Back to the Heart of WorshipRv 2:1-7  
   9/16/12When Worship Was PerfectGn 1-2  
   9/23/12When Worship Goes WrongGn 3:1-11  
   9/30/12Misplaced Worship Ro 1:18-32  
   10/7/12Misconstrued WorshipEx 32:1-10  
   10/14/12Misguided WorshipMk 7:1-12  
   10/21/12Meaningless WorshipMk 7:6-8  
   10/28/12Evaluating Worship, by Rev. Gary TownsendGn 4:1-7  
   11/4/12Saved to WorshipHeb 10:19-25  
   11/11/12The Worship God SeeksJn 4:19-24  
   11/18/12Whole-Life WorshipRo 12:1-8  
   11/25/12Worship...The Things We DoEph 5:15-21  
   12/2/12The Songs of the RedeemedCol 3:12-17 Audio
   12/9/12Worship PerfectedRv 21:3-4a Audio

Get Out of That Rut!

   8/5/12StuckHag 1:1-15  
   8/12/12MoreHag 2:1-9  
   8/19/12ForwardHag 2:10-19  
   8/26/12ChosenHag 2:20-23  

Running From God: The Adventures of a Reluctant Missionary

   6/3/12On the RunJon 1:1-3  
   6/10/12Hide and SeekJon 1:4-9   
   6/24/12Found OutJon 1:10-17   
   7/1/12Finding Your Way Back to GodJon 1:17-2:9  
   7/8/12The God of Second ChancesJon 2:10-3:3a  
   7/15/12Grace...From the Greatest to the LeastJon 3:1-5  
   7/22/12The AwakeningJon 3:5-10  
   7/29/12RelapseJon 4:1-11  

Altar: My All for His Glory

   4/15/12My All, Like JesusPhil 1:1-10  
   4/22/12My All for JesusLk 14:25-33  
   4/29/12My All for OthersJn 15:12-14  
   5/6/12My All for the Unbeliever1 Cor 9:12b-23  
   5/13/12My All for UnityActs 15  
   5/20/12My All for God's Glory Rom 15:1-13  

Elemental: Discovering Our Core Values

   1/29/12Core Value 1: The Glory of God1 Cor 10:31  
   2/5/12Core Value 2: The Sufficiency of Scripture2 Tm 3:14-17  
   2/12/12Core Value 3: Godly Leadership1 Tm 3:1-7  
   2/19/12Core Value 4: Missional Living1 Cor 9:22  
   2/26/12Core Value 5: Global DisciplemakingMt 28:19-20  
   3/4/12Core Value 6: Genuine RelationshipsJn 13:34-35  
   3/11/12Core Value 7: Christ-Centered Worship, part 1Jn 4:19-24  
   3/18/12Core Value 7: Christ-Centered Worship, part 2Rv 5:9-10  
   3/25/12Core Value 8: Prayerful DependenceJn 15:5, 7-8  
   4/1/12Affirming Our Mission: Our Mission Statement1 Cor 10:31; Mt 28:19-20  

No God Like Our God

   9/25/11The Judge ComethMi 1:1-16  
   10/2/11Reaping What You SowMi 2:1-5  
   10/9/11Cleanliness is Next to Godlessness, by Rev. Brian CapleMk 7:1-23  
   10/16/11Exchanging the Truth for a LieMi 2:6-11  
   10/23/11Hope for the RemnantMi 2:12-13  
   10/30/11Integrity MattersMi 3:1-12  
   11/6/11The King is ComingMi 4:1-13  
   11/13/11The Return of the KingMi 5:1-15  
   11/20/11Great Expectations from a Great GodMi 6:1-16  
   11/27/11What To Do When You Don't Know What To DoMi 7:1-7  
   12/4/11No God Like Our GodMi 7:8-20  

Love For a Lifetime

   8/14/11Real Love1 Jn 4:7-21  
   8/21/11In-Spite-Of Love1 Cor 13:4-8a  
   8/28/11Sacrificial LoveEph 5:22-33  
   9/4/11Lifetime LoveMt 19:1-6  


   4/3/11LifeApp: Faithfulness - How Can I Face Difficulties?   
   4/10/11LifeApp: Wisdom - How Do I Know What to Do?   
   4/17/11LifeApp: Steadfastness - How Can I Resist Temptation?   
   5/1/11LifeApp: Obedience - How Should I Respond to God's Word?   
   5/15/11LifeApp: Love - How Do I Overcome Prejudice?   
   5/22/11LifeApp: Works - How Can I Have Real Faith?   
   5/29/11LifeApp: Speech - How Can I Control My Tongue?   
   6/5/11LifeApp: Wisdom - How Do I Overcome Self-Centeredness?   
   6/19/11LifeApp: Surrender - How Do I Overcome Worldliness?   
   6/26/11LifeApp: Dependence - How Do I Plan for the Future?   
   7/17/11LifeApp: Generosity - How Can I Overcome Materialism in My Life?   
   7/24/11LifeApp: Patience - How Can I Endure Personal Suffering?   
   7/31/11LifeApp: Prayer - How Can I Pray Effectively?   

Mending Fences

   3/6/11All Together Now1 Cor 1:10-17  
   3/13/11When the Fence Needs MendingMt 18:15-35  
   3/20/11Mending Fences at the Top1 Tm 5:19-25  
   3/27/11A Fence MendedLk 15:11-32  

Other Recent Messages

   7/27/14I AM, by Rev. Bryan BairJn 8:31-33 Audio
   7/6/14Revive Us AgainPs 85:1-13 Audio
   6/29/14Who Cares?1 Th 2:7-12 Audio
   6/22/14NarcissanityLk 20:45-47 Audio
   6/15/14Father AbrahamGen 22:1-18 Audio
   6/8/14If..., by Rev. Jay FanninCol 1:15-23 Audio
   6/1/14AlmostAc 24:24-26 Audio
   3/16/14Tough Love, by Rev. Jerry EasleyEph 4:17-25 Audio
   12/29/13The Challenge of Tomorrow, by Dr. Ed JohnsonJos 1:1-11 Audio
   11/24/13When All Else Fails....Run!, by Rev. Kevin Kite  Audio
   9/1/13All In2 Chr 15:8-15 Audio
   8/25/13Evidences of Fire, by Dr. Will McRaneyAc 3:1-10 Audio
   7/28/13Let's Fight! - A Call to Unity,  by Rev. Kevin KiteEph 6:10-16 Audio
   6/30/13God Bless America?Ps 33 Audio
   6/9/13My Family: On Mission, by Rev. Bryan Bair  Audio
5/26/13Why People go to Church, by Dr. Ed JohnsonIs 6:1-19 Audio
10/28/12Evaluating Worship, by Rev. Gary TownsendGn 4:1-7  
   9/2/12The Heart of the Matter, by Rev. Kevin KitePrv 4:23  
   6/17/12My Father, by Rev. Jerry EasleyJn 14:1-7  
   5/27/12Set in StoneGn 28:10-22  
   4/8/12It's Not OverJn 20:1-18  
   1/22/12A Time to Remember1 Jn 2:12-14  
   1/15/12Life is PreciousPs 139:13-16  
   1/8/12From Start to Finish2 Tm 4:1-8  
   1/1/12Facing the Year 2012, by Dr. Ed JohnsonPhil 3:13-14  
   9/18/11Compelled by Christ's CompassionMt 9:36  
   9/11/11From Tragedy, HopeRom 8:28  
   8/7/11Judge NotJas 4:11-12  
   7/10/11A Testimony of GraceRom 6:3-4  
   4/24/11If Sunday Never Came   



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